Finding that perfect thing

Browse thousands of items in the marketplace by searching with keywords or filtering by brand. Save your searches and we’ll send you updates on similar listings. Once you’ve found something you love, you can chat with the seller to get more info. Like an item if you want to save it for later – we’ll let you know if the price drops. We’ll also add items you might like to your “For you” tab in the app under “Likes.”

Purchasing an item

Found the perfect thing? Add it to your cart to complete your checkout all at once. If you’re looking for a better deal, you can make an offer to the seller. We ask sellers to ship out orders within 2 business days.

Shop with confidence

All vendors within our marketplace are vendors who we approve as legitimate. Also, each vendor would be required to submit relevant documentation such as a Government ID and Proof of Address at minimum for us to approved them to sell within the marketplace.

Vendors who have completed the below will receive a verified blue checkmark.

All Verification – Photo ID, Proof of Address, Company Registration and Phone Number Verification.

Buyer Protection

Receive your item as described or your money back for eligible orders. Learn more here.

Delivery Issues

Having an issue with your order’s delivery?

Delivered, but not received

Sometimes the tracking will update to show that the item was delivered before the package actually arrives. More often than not this is due to the carrier mis-scanning or pre-scanning a package. When this happens, we recommend:

  1. Verifying the shipping address for your order.
  2. Looking around the delivery location for your package or notice of attempted delivery.
  3. Checking to see if someone else (family member, roommates, neighbors) accepted the delivery.
Delivered to the wrong address

Sometimes an order can be delivered to the wrong address. Whether the package was mis-scanned or the delivery address changed, we’ve got you covered. If an order is delivered to an address that’s different from the one on the Order Status page, let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

Accepted payment methods

We accept all major credit cards, Lynk, PayPal and Direct Deposit.

Thanks for shopping with Market X Jamaica!

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