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Market X Limited provides an online marketplace for consumers. Refund requests are processed by Market X Limited in line with e-commerce requirements and in accordance with our Terms of Service (TOS).


The company established a return policy that addresses both parties of the transaction, the Buyer and the Vendor. If Buyers have an issue with an item that they received, the Vendors, our agents, and/or our systems can decide if an item is eligible for a return and/or a refund. Buyer may receive a refund to the originating payment instrument, funds added to balance, or a Market X Limited “account” credit (account credit) depending on eligibility. Buyers must initiate a refund and return request. Buyers may have a number of issues with the item that they received. The Buyer must initiate a refund and return request by contacting the Vendor through the support option on their profile and request a refund within 48 hours of delivery. Issues raised through other channels or through other forms or after 48 hours may not be considered for returns.


The Buyer may be eligible for a refund for the following reasons:

  • Doesn’t match listing
  • Possibly not authentic/ counterfeit
  • Doesn’t work
  • Damaged
  • Item is incomplete
  • Wrong item

The Buyer must provide complete, accurate answers to specific questions about the received item and provide each specific photo requested, both of which may vary depending on the type of issue the Buyer is presenting. Other issues may be raised during this process that may/may not result in a return or refund.


Market X Limited evaluates the issue presented to determine if the item is as described or warrants a return or refund. In some cases, Market X Limited may share the Buyer’s Issue with the Vendor to understand the Vendor’s perspective in the issue evaluation process. Vendors may dispute the request and provide additional information. Market X Limited may also have the Buyer and the Vendor discuss and attempt to resolve the issue independently. If the Buyer has a complaint about the item that falls outside of Market X Limited’s Refund Policy, the Vendor may use discretion to accept a refund and item return due to complaints such as:

  • Doesn’t fit
  • Smells
  • Doesn’t match listing
  • Changed my mind

The Buyer and/or Vendor may be asked to provide the following additional information as part of the evaluation:

  • Provide photos to show the entire item(s) received
  • Highlight the problem area (when applicable)
  • Provide photos of the packaging and full shipping label
  • Serial number or IMEI number (when applicable)
  • Other information as warranted

Refunds – Under Nominal Amount

Refunds under a nominal amount are issued as an account credit upon issue review by Market X Limited, expiring in 90 days, unless the Buyer requests to have the funds added to the account balance or processed back to the original form of payment. The item may not be required to be returned to the Vendor. Requests for other payment forms must be made within 3 days of return approval and before credits are used.

Returns and Refunds – Over Nominal Amount

Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment no later than three (3) business days after confirmation from the Vendor that the item was returned by the Buyer to the Vendor.

  • For approved returns, Market X Limited provides a shipping label to the Buyer at the Vendors expense. The Buyer has three (3) calendar days to mail the item back or the Return can be nulled. In the event that the item is shipped but cannot be delivered to the Vendor, the Buyer will be refunded 10 days after approval.
  • Refunds are also issued to the cardholder if the bank or issuer provides adequate evidence that the purchase was made without the cardholder’s knowledge.
  • Refunds will be processed no later than 10 days after a written refund request has been received and substantiated.
  • If a refund request is received after the transaction has been processed outside of our Return Policy timeframe, a refund to the original form of payment may not be available. In that case, an account credit may be made.
  • Returns are reviewed by the Vendor. The Vendor has 24 hours from receipt to inspect the item before the refund is issued to the Buyer.
  • The Vendor may file a “Return Condition Dispute” and provide evidence of the condition or other claims which will be investigated before a refund can be issued. In such cases, the item may not be eligible for a refund to the Buyer.

Post Rating Refunds

An exception may be made in the event that Buyer can prove that an item was

  • Stolen
  • Counterfeit
  • Up to 30 days after delivery of the item to the Buyer, the payment has already been released to the Vendor, so a refund to the original form of payment is not available and Market X Limited may refund the Buyer through an account credit. The item will not be returned. The credit is issued as an exception and will expire in 90 days.

Return Condition Disputes

When the Vendor receives an item back from the Buyer, the Vendor has 24 hours from the time of delivery to review the item and let Market X Limited know that it was different from how it was sent. Vendors must request help from the Contact Us page or email [email protected] and completely and accurately provide the information and photos requested. Market X Limited agents will review the request and may provide a partial or full credit to the Vendor.

All Sales Final

Market X Limited does not accept returns or issue a refund in the following circumstances:

  • Returned request approved, but Buyer does not return the item back to the Vendor after seven days from receiving.
  • If the Buyer does not contact Market X Limited within the Return timeframe when Returns are accepted upon Vendor’s approval.
  • Prohibited, hazardous or illegal items are not eligible for a return.
  • Gift Cards or Software.
  • Products with a broken warranty seal.
  • Products with signs of attempted repair.

Any exceptions to the All Sales Final policy will result in an account credit that expires in 90 days.

Returns Abuse

Abuse of refunds and returns may, at Market X Limited’s discretion, result in account limitation(s) and/or legal action.


  • 12/13/2

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